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Want to learn the art of male stripping?

The prestigious ‘Adonis Cabaret’ have partnered with ‘Male Stripper Academy’ to bring you the UK’s most comprehensive male stripping training program!

We will teach you the A-Z of male stripping in our world first online video tutorial course. Our student’s have access to over 40+ video tutorials, learning topics such as:

• lap dance technique
• body movement
• crowd pleaser moves
• developing your routine
• costume design
• personality, character
• stage presence
• audience interaction and much more!
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What is Adonis Cabaret?

The UK’s longest running, and most successful male strip show has a name, and it’s ADONIS!
With 6 permanent locations across the UK, Adonis Cabaret has been the number 1 destination for male stripping work for all potential male strippers.

No matter where you are live, there is a club near YOU! And they are always looking for the next big star to headline their shows!

Every single show is jam packed full of eccentric hens parties, screaming, cheering and bringing the house down to the boys of Adonis Cabaret. The shows are a unique mix of seduction and comedy, or as they like to put it: “a comedy club with bells on!”

Simply put - Adonis Cabaret is one of the world’s leading innovative male strip shows. It’s always taken care of it’s strippers in a ‘family’ like environment and for that reason it’s the most in demand club to work at in England.

Male Stripper Academy students enjoy the benefit of having their application fast tracked straight to the recruitment manager of Adonis Cabaret. Student’s are not guaranteed a job, however Adonis will carefully consider every application of the student’s who complete at least 80% of the online course.
Do you want to work for Adonis Cabaret? Then keep reading!

What is Male Stripper Academy?

Male Stripper Academy is the world’s first online male stripping course. It’s an online database of video tutorial lessons. In the online course you will learn everything there is to know about becoming an expert male stripper.

Adonis Cabaret uses Male Stripper Academy’s program to sort through the hundreds of applications they receive every year. Currently, Adonis doesn’t even consider a new applicant unless they have completed at least 80% of Male Strippers Academy’s online course.

Once a student completes 80% of the online training program - they will be sent an email with instructions on how to apply for Adonis Cabaret + the contact details of the recruitment manager.

So how does it work?

Once you enrol to become a student in Male Stripper Academy, you will be prompted to create your own unique login and username account details.

From here you can login anytime, and watch the video tutorial lesson’s. Once a video lesson has been watched in it’s entirety, that section of the online course will be marked as completed by the admin. And once 80% of the course has been completed you will be guided through how to submit your application with Adonis Cabaret.

You’re more than welcome to use your knowledge of male stripping in any aspect of entertaining! Acting, dancing, stage shows, whatever your into, there is always something you can learn and use from Male Stripper Academy!
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If YOU want to learn the art of male stripper, then you have come to the right place! Everyone is always asking how to become a male stripper - and what do you need to start as a male stripper?
These are question’s nobody really bothered to address, until now!

So if you are thinking of applying for male stripping jobs/work in the UK, then you’ll NEED to either have EXPERIENCE, or, have TRAINING. Male Stripper School is proud to supply you with the finest male striptease training the world has ever seen!

Position yourself for success in this dynamic and exciting industry and enrol today!