Will i get a job once i finish the online course?
The online course has been designed to position yourself for a successful career as a male stripper. However It’s not guaranteed will be given a job.

Assuming you follow all the lesson’s in the online course, you should have a very good chance at getting work. All students who complete 80% of the course will be sent an email with the contact details of Adonis Cabaret’s recruitment manager in the UK and your application will be strongly considered by their team.

How long do I get access to the online course videos?
Once you have signed up, you will have life time access to all the video and written content in the student zone!

Do you have an email support team?
Yes! We offer full email support for our students, so if you’re stuck with anything, confused or need some feedback on video footage of yourself performing/dancing - then you can get 1 on 1 mentoring from Tommy ‘gun’ Harvey himself!

What happens if i dont get a job with Adonis?
Use the skills you have learnt and follow Tommy’s advice in the online course, and apply for other show’s/agency’s! We encourage all applicant’s to put themselves out there as much as possible to gain any relevant experience that will untimely benefit you! Support is always here to help guide you into the industry.

Do you accept payment plans?
We sure do!

Can I use the skills in this online course anywhere in the world?
If your country is one where the male stripping industry is present, then yes! The skills you will learn in this online course will be relevant in all of these country’s.

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