Who is Tommy ‘Gun’ Harvey?


All the way from the ‘land down under’ Tommy started stripping when he was just 19 years old! Originally from Australia, he was trained by the team at Adonis Cabaret in England whilst living abroad for 3 years.

During his time at Adonis he was able to learn under the some of the world’s leading male strip show choreographer’s and creators Tristan “Tristar” and Richard “The Joker”.

Tommy has since travelled the world working with internationally recognised male revues shows, performing in country’s such as: England, Ireland, China, Australia, United States and all over Europe.


Tommy experience in the male stripping industry span’s across male revue’s, strip club’s and private “strip-g-gram” work. In other words: he’s done it all. Seen and been through the thick and thin of every aspect of male stripping.

Tommy now currently resides in his home in Gold Coast, Australia - and own’s multiple successful male stripper agency’s alongside working with his student’s in the Male Stripper Academy which he founded in 2018.

Tommy teaches an interactive style of performing with an emphasis on dynamic, captivating sexual body movement mixed with elements of comedy and fun.


This style of performing has earned him a reputation in the international stripping community and created a high demand for his unique solo routines.

You can check out a short clip of Tommy performing in Las Vegas below: